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Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor Tallahassee FL

We never expect for something like an auto accident or personal injury to happen to us. It is very important to seek care following any car accident, no matter how minor. This will ensure total alignment of your body and prevent future conditions from arising.

Those aches and pains you are experiencing after your car accident, injury or fall are an indication that the spine has suffered damage. If ignored, the pain may go away, but the spinal damage will not heal correctly. These untreated spinal injuries are the source of future pain, arthritis and radiating symptoms. The permanent damage that results may lead to a life of chronic pain and discomfort.

Chiropractors are specialists in the treatment of auto injuries. Once it has been determined that your car accident has not caused any life threatening injuries you should call (850) 531-0111 for your exam and treatment. Did you know, you only have 14 days to be examined/ begin treatment after an accident in order for your auto insurance to cover the treatment. 

Once we have diagnosed your injuries treatment may include chiropractic adjustments, trigger point therapy, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, traction and other pain relief techniques. Treatment is tailored specifically for you and your injuries, it is clinically supported, and best of all, it feels so good.